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The Answer is a Question

The Missing Superpower that Changes Everything and Will Transform Your Impact as a Manager and Leader

The New Approach to Management Being Used in Over Forty Countries

The Answer is a Question redefines the purpose of management for the 21st century." 
- Matthew Syed, Author, Broadcaster and Columnist

"For any leader or manager in business, you need this! It has truly changed the way I think about leadership, for the better!
-Nick Pointe

I have transformed the way I communicate. One of the best investments in career learning that I’ve made. It serves as a daily guide to my success as a manager.
-Fadinding Darboe, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

STAR® has had a major impact on how I operate as a professional, it has completely changed the way I work, giving me the knowledge and skills to develop on a personal perspective and to develop my team.
-Carl Drinkel, Senior Quality Engineer, Hitachi Rail

With ever-increasing workloads, demanding schedules, and growing instability, it’s little wonder that our stress levels are rising whilst employee engagement everywhere is miserably low. The world has changed and impacted how we work, yet our management models have not kept pace; we’re still trying to manage as we always have — by simply taking on more and more.

  • But what if instead of bringing you problems every day, those you work with started generating the solutions themselves?

  • What if your team could step up and take work off you so that you got 20 percent of your time back?

  • What if making one small change could transform not only your team’s engagement levels but also your career?

  • In The Answer is a Question book, multi-award-winning performance consultants Dominic and Laura Ashley-Timms set out a simple approach for rehumanizing the practice of management.

    In a step-by-step walk-through of their ground-breaking STAR® model (used by FTSE and Fortune 500 companies), they’ll show how you can develop a new superpower that’s been proven to work by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in a major academic study across sixty-two organizations.

    This book is produced in stunning full colour and provides invaluable insights, examples, and mini-missions that will show you precisely how to make some immediate changes that will yield fast and exciting results and revolutionize how you manage forever.

    This isn’t another post-pandemic management guide contemplating the nuances of remote work. The Answer is a Question book is the distillation of hard-won insights into actionable, measurable steps.

    The Missing Superpower That Changes Everything And Will Transform Your Impact As A Manager And Leader

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